Control Panel

The web hosting control panel allows you to log in and manage all aspects of your web hosting account, passwords, e-mail and ftp accounts, site features, database management, file management, dns settings, sub domains, alias, secure folders, virtual directories and statistics. or

Use your domain name as the username and your hosting account password.


Webmail Access

If your domain is setup on our dedicated Smartermail Server Use the link below to access your e-mail through any web browser from any internet connected computer. There is also a built in event calendar and task management. or

Use your entire email address for the username.

Smartermail Webmail Help Files


Support Help Desk

Technical support is primarily provided via our support helpdesk which provides an easy way to track and document technical support requests which can be submitted any time of the day..

Support HelpDesk :


FTP Access Settings:

FTP Server Name : or
FTP Port : 9021 (This is important as for security reason we do not use the standard FTP port
FTP Username :   
FTP Password :             “provided”

Website files go into the “yourdomain” folder and then into the “wwwroot” folder.


Mail Server Settings :         

Incoming Mail Server :

Outgoing Mail Server :

To send mail through our servers you must enable outgoing smtp authentication.

Use your entire email address as the username and your email account password.